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The Benefits and Challenges of Self-Regulation — Or Lack of It

Self-regulation, as defined by Merriam-Webster, means control or supervision from within instead of by an external authority. In its essence, self-regulation is the ability to monitor and manage you various emotions, actions, and thoughts that we encounter on a daily basis. 

Self-regulation can help you avoid punishment and shame, while putting yourself in a position to succeed — not just the short-term, but long-term as well. Our ability to self-regulate is a major characteristic separating us from other animals, giving us the capacity to decline impulses and resist temptation.

Benefits of Self-Regulation

Practicing self-regulation will change your life for the better, opening up a world of opportunity and happiness. It will put your body, mind, and soul in a state of bliss and confidence as you strut through life. You’ll know what the next step should look like, and you are able to paint that vision into reality with your actions, feelings, and thoughts. 

When practicing self-regulation, you will see your strengths shine to the surface — among these many benefits:

  • Higher GPA in high school and college
  • You will achieve more goals, giving yourself the confidence to reach for higher goals
  • Better work performance
  • More control over excessive eating and alcohol abuse
  • Stronger level of discipline when following workout, yoga, and meditation regimes
  • More stable relationships
  • Control over your emotions, knowing when and how to express them
  • Stronger communication skills and ability to interact with others

Self-regulation is neglected by many, but doesn’t have to be any longer. You can improve your ability to self-regulate by practicing what you preach, remaining open to change, knowing your weaknesses, staying disciplined even when others aren’t around, searching for the positive in any situation, staying calm under pressure, and most importantly believing in yourself. 

Challenges With a Lack of Self Discipline

Where self-regulation can be deemed an essential trait to a quality life, the lack of it can result in displeasure, disappointment, stress, fear, and much more. Without regulating yourself, your temptations and impulses control your mind, body, and soul — leaving you helpless. 

If you don’t practice self discipline, you could experience the following challenges in life:

  • Compulsive shopping and excessive borrowing
  • Violent urges, actions, and behavior
  • Underperforming in school, work, or at home
  • Constantly procrastinating important tasks
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs to calm down
  • Unhealthy dieting and lack of exercising
  • Chronic anxiety and constant stress

A lack of self-regulation can cause pandemonium in every corner of your life, leaving you feeling like you have nowhere to run to. This can lead to having no sense of meaning or purpose in life, leaving you even more vulnerable to negative behaviour. 

Learning to self-regulate won’t be easy, but the benefits will far outweigh the challenges of neglecting it. If you want to better your life starting today, practicing self-regulation and preach your learnings to the rest of the world. Self-regulation is a dish best served with everyone, so there should be no shame in keeping it to yourself. 

When we all seek the truth, the truth is what we find.