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Breaking Down the Character Strengths Inside All of Us

It is long believed that every individual possesses and shares in common 24 character strengths that will provide the framework for our various thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we encounter daily. 

Since our character makes us who we are, self-awareness of your character can help you better understand yourself. Likewise, sensing someone else’s character will allow you to better understand their life and where they’re coming from. 

The 24 character strengths can be better grouped into six major traits: courage, humanity, transcendance, temperance, justice, and wisdom & knowledge. 


Bravery – the brave don’t back down from a fearful situation, they remain strong-willed and prepared

Perseverance – those with perseverance will reach the finish line no matter what stands in their way

Integrity – integrity involves being honest with yourself and speaking the truth to those around you with sincerity

Enthusiasm – the heavily enthused will walk through life with a level of excitement that inspires others


Love – you place great value in close relationships with other people

Kindness – this is achieved when you take the time to help out those in need, without needing the credit

Social Intelligence – this involves understanding other people’s behavior and why they do the things they do


Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence – place value and attention in all things you find beautiful

Gratitude – be grateful for all the blessings you’ll receive along your journey

Optimism – when you’re optimistic, you are expecting the best for yourself and others while working hard to reach that ultimatum

Humor – after all, laughter is the best medicine. Learn to laugh and spread that laughter with others as much as possible

Purpose – we all want to be a part of something larger than ourselves, but you must learn to believe it exists before seeking it


Self-Control many people contribute this to thinking before you act; these people have control over their feelings and behaviors

Prudence – this is achieved by making careful and sound decisions everyday to put yourself in a position to reach goals

Humility – you don’t always need to be in the limelight, let your actions do the talking

Forgiveness – you understand that everyone makes mistakes and don’t hold it against anyone


Leadership – leadership requires the ability to bring the best out of your team and co-workers

Fairness – treating everyone with fairness and unbiased views of the world lead to a fair environment

Teamwork – teamwork involves sacrificing your own wants or needs for the better good of the team

Wisdom & Knowledge

Creativity – having the ability to come up with new ideas and innovate old ones is an essential character trait

Curiosity – the ability to not just ask questions, but the right questions, can open a variety of doors for you

Open-Mindedness – these individuals aren’t quick to judge and understand that there’s always another side of things

Love of Learning – many people think learning ends once we graduate, but it’s only just beginning (learn to teach yourself new things)

Perspective – you are able to view the world in various points of view to see the greater picture

While we all possess these 24 character strengths, we possess them at varying degrees and levels. This is what makes everyone’s character so unique. Learning to identify your character strengths and how to improve the ones you’re lacking can help you find peace and happiness with your life.