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Coping With Disappointment in Life

It may be less than ideal, but coping with disappointment is something you can’t run away from and is bound to come knocking on your doorstep sooner or later. It’s very common to get complacent with disappointment and many people actually decide to live with that disappointment. 

Being disappointed is one thing, but not doing something about it is completely different. 

This can start at an early age or can be thrown at you later in life, but you will be disappointed consistently throughout your life. Knowing how to get past that disappointment and ultimately change things for the better will help you to live a more tranquil and peaceful life. 

You can be disappointed about anything. Your favorite sports team just lost their third game in a row, your teachers at school don’t seem to care about their job, you aren’t getting paid enough, your friend betrayed you, these are all things we experience often. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to snap out of this disappointment and it causes them to fall down a slippery slope that’s tough to get out of. By following these simple tips, you can start to overcome disappointment in life.

Expectations Are a Way of Life

The common thing to do when life seems to be full of disappointment is to give up on having expectations. This will actually hurt your quality of life more than it will make life easier. In a world that expects so much out of the individual, having no expectations can prove to be mighty difficult. 

It’s not wrong to expect big things or a lot from yourself and others. It’s more important how you deal with those expectations and ultimately deal with disappointment when it arises. Expectations are healthy and allow you to build the framework for your life. 

As long as expectations are a way of life, so will be coping with disappointment.

You Can’t Change the Past

Many people get so stuck on what they could’ve, should’ve, and would’ve done in certain scenarios. This can cause an individual to get too strung up on the past and not focused enough on how to better their present and future. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t analyze certain situations, especially during times of disappointment. In fact, I encourage others to analyze these situations to avoid making the same mistake twice. The secret is to not let it stress you out and cause more disappointment. 

When you stress about what you should’ve, could’ve, would’ve done in a situation, you obsess over changing the past instead of creating a future. 

Change Your Inner Voice

When dealing with disappointment, your inner voice will play a major role in keeping you grounded and staying on task. Many people allow their inner voice to control them in a negative manner, while others simply tune out their inner voice and give in to outside distractions.

Learn to listen to that little voice inside you. Instead of telling yourself, “I can’t do this anymore,” try telling yourself, “disappointment happens to the best of us, but I must keep moving forward.” That simple change in context can allow your brain to start to see the positives to every situation. 

This will give you the motivation to take that next step and start coping with disappointment instead of getting complacent.