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Are You Living a Purposeful Life?

Living a purposeful life can bring many benefits to your daily routine, but it seems to be a very rare commodity these days and often seems unattainable. Finding that purpose has become a life-long mission for some, while others have given up before even giving it a solid try. 

When you do find that purpose, it will allow you to live in peace and tranquility. Your life will flow like a stream of water and you’ll be prepared for any obstacles thrown your way. Your ability to adapt to what’s happening around you will be strengthened and you’ll be able to guide yourself out of any “funk” you find yourself in. 

With a little bit of conscious effort and time, you can begin to take control of your life and find that purpose to keep you going. 

For those that are a little lost in life, taking that first step can be nerve-wrecking. Here are a few signs that you might be lacking purpose in life. 

Dead-End Friendships

Friendships are meant to be mutually-supportive in a way that benefits both parties. If you’re living a purposeful life, you’re constantly evaluating their friendships and making sure that others are able to help your well-being as much as you’re able to help them. 

Without having the right people in your corner, you can often feel attacked and held back from achieving what you wish to achieve. Likewise, the right people can help to lift you up in times of need and give you the motivation needed to keep moving. 

Lack of Responsibility

Responsibility plays a major role in everyone’s life, but not everyone takes it seriously. When living with purpose, you don’t shy away from your problems and you take responsibility for your actions. 

Practicing responsibility allows you to break down any issue to the root cause and find the best course of action to correct that issue. On the other hand, throwing blame around will only make you look weak and fearful to others. 

No Authenticity

Whether it’s your principles, values, purpose, goals, or just simply the way you behave, being authentic is a major key to living a purposeful life. Without it, you will often find yourself trying to live someone else’s life or attempting to live up to other’s standards. 

Authenticity and being unique will allow you to live from the inside out. By first strengthening your inner self, you can prepare yourself for anything out in the real world. 

Putting Others First

This might be a little weird to hear because we are often told that putting yourself first is “selfish,” but to begin live a purposeful life you will need to put yourself first — at least until you find that purpose. When you put yourself first, you show a commitment to your well-being and future. 

Plus, it’s kind of difficult to help others when you can’t even help yourself. Keep a constant focus on growing as a person and others will take notice and make the change themselves. Purpose starts from within before resonating out to those surrounding you. 

Holding Yourself Back

When problems arise it’s very easy to sit back and give up, but that’s not what people do when they’re living with purpose. You need to be able to keep pushing forward when times get difficult. These are the moments that make or break your success in living an enjoyable life. 

Don’t dwell on the past, but rather build your future by overcoming the troubles in the past. It is impossible to take action in the past, so focus on taking action today and preparing for more action to be taken in the future.