Thought Patterns

Whatever It Takes

I woke the other morning thinking about a song created by Imagine Dragons called whatever it takes. Ever since then, the song is popping up everywhere. Hence, a sign that I need to write about my experience.

I started thinking about my life and the events that have unfolded that has brought me to this point. Have I been doing all that I can to live up to my full potential, what do I really want to do with my life and what special qualities do I have that can contribute to society?

I believe each of us is unique in our own way and only if we go deep down inside, will we know really what that is.

However, for the most of us, “Fear” gets in the way of doing whatever it takes! Why is that? Is it because the way we are raised by our parents, environmental influences, media/television ads or social pressures? Probably, a little bit from each of the previously stated factors.


Each of has a voice inside of us. The voice that we call the “gut voice”. We can either ignore it or we can go with what it is telling us. That gut voice is your true self telling you what you really should be doing. However, how many times have we ignored that inner voice and went with our ego-based thoughts. The ego-based thoughts that wants to fulfill some” want” instead of a need. The ego which is a sly and cunning intelligence. It is rooted in fear and prevents us from seeing the real self.

That was how I lived my life for many years. Under the disguise of ego, I tricked myself into thinking that I should go in different directions to protect myself instead of doing whatever it takes. How will I live if I don’t make a lot of money? How will I get a girlfriend if I don’t look my best or present myself in a way that made me seem important even though inside I was a scared, insecure person who couldn’t be open and vulnerable.


There were moments of clarity where my inner voice would try and guide me in the right direction. Sometimes I would listen for a while but then some fear would propel me back to protective ego-based thinking. Several times throughout my life I would look in the mirror and say to myself, “you are capable of so much more”!

I started to realize more and more after I did that, that my true self was really trying to get me to “see” who I really was. It’s so much more powerful when you see yourself talk to yourself than to just hear the voice in your head. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend doing this in public because people might think your nuts but in the privacy of your own home, I would highly suggest it. I try and do it mostly when I’m in the bathroom.

As I learned to love myself more, I started to develop a different more confidant relationship with myself. I started to really listen to my “True Self” more with the help of yoga and meditation.

I started to realize that working in IT wasn’t my true calling. Although it wasn’t my true calling, it was a necessary part of my growth experience to help me to fulfill my true calling. Just like every other key events, relationship, etc that had happened up to this point has helped shape me for my true calling.

The soul characteristics of wanting to help people less fortunate, looking at everyone as true equals beyond flesh, blood and bones, the ability to be open, vulnerable, kind and loving helped me realize that I needed to fulfill my passion.

YoMenGa Yoga And Meditation

That’s why I’m creating YoMenGa, which original purpose is to help men understand what I have learned. Wanting to share the gift and change the mindset of men for them to reach their full potential is the vision for YoMenGa.

However, it doesn’t exclude women whatsoever. Although, we each have inherent instinctual traits, there isn’t any reason why the talks that I want to present to men can’t be re-learned by women.

Lastly, once I realized the “Intention” for what I wanted to do, I understood that I have to do the footwork but “Detach” from the result. What I mean by this is that we are spiritual beings experiencing a temporary human life. That our soul is a small vibration in the vastness of the universe. That there is a balance and order to this universe. Meaning, you must tap into the field of pure potentiality.

This can be achieved by going within through meditation quieting the mind, so you can hear true self. You can live in the moment, practice the pause and connect with nature. Most importantly, to receive you must give. This can be as little as giving someone compliment, a smile saying hello, a flower! It doesn’t take much to be kind and the recipient will feel your openness, kindness through your positive energy that you exude from your body!

Go for it! Find your dharma (purpose) and don’t be afraid because you and the universe got this! You can do whatever it takes!