Thought Patterns

Waking up Feeling Off

From time to time you’re going to wake up feeling off. I know I do and it’s difficult to understand what is causing this. Sometimes it’s obvious:

You can be:

  1. Sick
  2. Over tired
  3. Have a worry
    • Financial
    • Job
    • Family issue

However, when you can’t identify with what’s going on, what do you do? Earlier in my life before I became enlightened, I would make the situation worse by trying to identify what was going on. I would make assumptions, judgements made up stories, which would cause more anxiety, fear, frustration or sadness. I didn’t realize that I was perpetuating my issue and adding fuel to the fire.

It didn’t stop there, as I ruminated in my emotions, my body would start to tense up. Slowly, a little pain in my lower back started to manifest itself. Now the pattern I had repeatedly performed to perfection when feeling off was complete.

I’m sure you can identify with me how this self-sabotage pattern manifests itself. The question that we must ask ourselves, “Is how did we get down this rabbit hole in the 1st place and what can we do to get our confidence back?

Let’s start off by saying that life isn’t easy. I like to believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Some people think it’s the other way around. However, for me thinking that I’m a spiritual being having a human experience helps put me in the role as the “Observer”.

The “Observer” is my true spiritual self. As the Observer, I can take a step back and realize that this complex biological organism that has neurotransmitters and chemicals flowing through it is being controlled by mind (Ego). Understanding this helps me to rationalize what is really going on here and brings me to a place of “Vulnerability”.

Being vulnerable is my true self. Once I’m in this place, it is much easier for me to acknowledge to myself and to others that I’m not feeling 100% myself and that is okay. It’s important to recognize this because when you’re in a triggered state (Ego Mind) and you’re going about your day, people are intuitive and will recognize that something is bothering you. You are bottling up this negative energy that can suck the room dry and if you’re not honest with your co-workers, friends, family members, you may cause them to feel bad if they are a little insecure. You may lash out and say something that could hurt their feelings. These are the behavior patterns that we want change.

So how do we do that when the answer why we’re feeling off today isn’t obvious?

Step 1:  Be vulnerable, so you can become the observer

Step 2: “Acknowledge” that you’re feeling off in this present moment

Step 3: Self-sooth with positive affirmations and actions; You can say to yourself or do the following exercises:

  • I don’t know what is causing this emotion, but it is only temporary because change is constant just like the waves of the ocean breaking on the beautiful sandy white beach.
  • I have so much to be grateful for today. I have everything I need, and I’m able to recognize that my true self (spiritual) can distinguish what is going on as an observer.

Step 4: Make a game plan for your day knowing you will have to carry this with you temporarily.

You can meditate or go to the gym (Yoga). Physical activity is wonderful to flood your body with endorphins that can counteract the cortisol that is causing a bunch of issues for you.

You can call a friend, therapist, speak to your partner or family member just to talk about what your feeling. Once you release those feelings, it lessens the burden because you aren’t stuffing them within you.

Maybe take a mental health day for yourself by skipping work. Go do something that you find enjoyable to do.

You can help someone else who needs assistance. Focusing on helping others releases the burden of self.

What is the most important take away that I would love for you to have? That everyone of us has a “CHOICE” to choose how we handle our emotions. I can only speak from experience that “CHOOSING” to live my life using these tools has made things so much easier for me.

Sometimes the answer is revealed to me why I was feeling the way I did and other times I go throughout my day being honest and open about what’s happening to me to my friends, family, co-workers and I get the support I need to deal with it until those unwanted feeling go away.

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