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Removing Negative Energy From Your Mind and Body

Negative energy consumes a lot of our lives and can be a major factor to feeling stuck or unhappy with the past, present, or future. Removing negative energy can be a difficult task for those that have trouble finding the light at the end of the tunnel. 

When negative energy makes its way into your life, it needs to know that it is unwelcome. The physical, emotional, and spiritual ramifications are not worth the stress and anxiety caused by negativity. Although negative emotions and behaviors are a part of life, it doesn’t mean it has to bring you down with it. 

Many men think the easiest form of dealing with negativity is to just get over it. We hear the terms “Man up” and “Be a man” too often, but this is a terrible way to live your life. You never truly learn how to get over negativity, you just delay it for another day — until you’ve dug yourself in a hole too big to get out of. 

There are plenty of ways to remove negative energy from your mind and body. Some will take immense practice and a habitual process, but others can be practiced right away. With the quality of your life on the line, why not get started on your journey today!

Find the Sources of Negativity

Negativity comes in many forms and can come to and from anyone with little to no warning. This is what makes dealing with negativity so difficult. Finding the sources of your negativity can help you get to the root of the problem and end these emotions before they start. 

When we analyze a situation or observe something happening, we will always form a perception and interpretation of what’s going on. Sometimes it’s a positive interpretation, but other times it’s a negative one. By realizing that every experience is neither good nor bad, but rather subjective to your own thoughts and perceptions, you can start to control these “negative” experiences and how they affect your well-being. 

Our minds also have a way of overlooking the positive in a scenario and focusing on the negative. As a result of our survival mechanisms, we often look for danger before finding shelter. After all, we wouldn’t know we need shelter unless we know of danger. Knowing how to counter this can give you a more balanced mind when negativity knocks.

Removing Negative Energy With Meditation and Breathing

Meditation can be a major factor in not only removing negative energy from your body, but also attracting positive energy back to you. Learning to block out any possible distractions, disruptions, or lingering negativity can give you the confidence and motivation to tackle any moment of despair. 

With meditation, you can control your breathing and start to find peace in the present moment. It won’t matter if someone has hurt you recently or if you fear something in the near future, meditation can make you feel grateful for what’s happening now. 

This will ultimately allow you to take full advantage of what’s ahead by moving with a clear mind. Remember, you won’t prevent negativity from making its way into your life, but you can most definitely rise above it time and time again.