Thought Patterns

Losing Human Connection in a Digital World

Humans are wired to connect with each other, it’s one of our basic traits that has allowed us to evolve to where we are today. Not only do our brains contain cells specifically designed to connect us with others, but our bodies react differently when we find those connections — or when losing human connections.

It’s a part of being human, yet too many people walk through life feeling disconnected. We have hundreds, sometimes thousands of friends and followers through the internet, yet we are seeing a rise in loneliness and unhappy people. In a society where digital trends aim to connect us in ways unimaginable to older generations, how is it that we feel more disconnected than ever? Could social interactions with others, rather than digital interactions, have that much of an effect on our well-being?

Socializing vs. Social Media

With social media as popular as it is today, it’s becoming more clear the effect it has on our ability to hold real-life connections, but more importantly our desire to seek real-life connections. The digital world and social media has allowed us to feel and express our emotions in a way that relieves us from having to do so in person.

This might seem like a more convenient way to live your life, but losing human connection has a negative effect on your well-being and overall happiness. Instead of living and enjoying your life, you will feel that you’re only here to exist and one day wither away. You will start to lose touch of who you are, what your passions are, and your motivation will slowly start to decline.

When we indulge ourselves into social media, we are taking ourselves away from the now — the current moment. We start to concern ourselves with how everyone else is doing, what they’re up to, the new car they just bought, what dress they wore out last night. We see everyone else’s “happiness” displayed on the web, making us feel less comfortable with our own life. We don’t have to allow social media — and other distractions that this digital age throws at us — to take away from our quality of life. Real-life interactions with people will contribute to your happiness more than a “like” or “follow” ever will.

Getting Back To Reality

Instead of taking all of your emotions, observations, random thoughts, and memories to social media, try sharing those feelings and moments with the people you encounter everyday. Whether it be family, friends, or a stranger on the subway, connecting with others is an essential part of being human.

It’s okay to have a bad day, it’s okay to want some space and time alone, but you should never rob yourself of a deep connection with others.

When you begin interacting with others, you’ll not only start to notice how well connected we all are, but how unique and passionate we are. We’re all here for a reason, when you can find that reason and share it with others is when you’ll really start to live a full life.