Thought Patterns

Achieving a Positive Mindset Daily

Achieving a positive mindset is essential to living a full and quality life. Without it, you will often find yourself in stressful situations that physically, mentally, and emotionally drain you throughout the day. Learning to start your day off right, maintain that positivity, and end your day with optimism can give you the boost you need in life.

By changing your outlook on everyday situations and encounters, you will see an improved confidence, enhanced mood, and a reduction in stress that will result in a healthier mind, body, and soul. This can be achieved through utilizing a fixed and growth mindset.

There’s no reason to hold yourself back any longer. You deserve to experience life and all of its beauties no matter the situation or feeling.

Listening To Your Fixed Mindset

One of the basic mindsets we encounter on a daily basis are fixed mindsets. When we live with a fixed mindset, we avoid challenges and limit our abilities to what we think is possible. You will often believe you are what you are, and see no way of changing your traits, personality, or behavior for the better. 

A fixed mindset can result in feeling that effort isn’t required. It promotes viewing your talents and intelligence as static traits that can’t be improved upon. 

Many people will view a fixed mindset as damaging to a person’s success, but that’s not the case if you learn to use this type of mindset effectively. Fixed mindsets can help to open your mind to your weaknesses and anything that might be holding you back. 

A fixed mindset can help spot any vulnerabilities you might have, but getting stuck in those vulnerabilities can cause you to hit a brick wall. That’s why a fixed mindset can be your best friend, but can also stab you in the back if not used properly. 

You’ll want to listen to your fixed mindset, but you’ll want to act on your growth mindset.

Acting on Your Growth Mindset

Where a fixed mindset will often limit success to a person’s natural talent and abilities, a growth mindset will view success as a never-ending road that is determined by a person’s commitment to growth. 

With a growth mindset, failure isn’t viewed as the end of the road. It’s viewed as an opportunity to improve and get better. You aren’t limited to what you know, you’re limited by what you want to know.

A growth mindset can help you take those vulnerabilities or weaknesses you’ve encountered through a fixed mindset, and find ways to grow them into strengths. You will view feedback as helpful, rather than damaging. The only thing holding you back will be yourself.

First, listen to your fixed mindset to uncover areas of improvement. Then, use your growth mindset to take action on those areas.

Make the Most of Bad Situations

Learning to look past the negative emotions and center in on the positivity can help keep your day on track. Think back on every single bad situation you’ve been in up to this point — whether you’re 22 years old or 57 years old. There’s probably too many to think about, right?

Of all those situations, how many of them have brought you down? How many of them have stopped you from getting to where you are right now? 

Just because life throws us a curveball, doesn’t mean we can’t swing the bat and hit a home run.

There are plenty of other ways you can achieve a positive mindset with each and every moment. Learning from your mistakes instead of hating yourself for them, being mindful of who you surround yourself with, and focusing on the present can all help you get the most out of life. 

When life gives you a reason to be down, give it two reasons to rise up!