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How To Face Major Life Changes. You Can Manage + Move Past!

Living will present us with plenty of curveballs and sudden major life changes. While we won’t always be prepared for them, we can always find a way to move past them. No matter what life throws at you, you’ll be able to use it to your advantage and grow stronger. 

Whether you’ve recently found out you have health concerns, got laid off from your job, filed for divorce, lost a loved one, or just find yourself in a funk for no reason, your life doesn’t have to come to a complete halt. 

Below, we’ve detailed a 5-step process for not only facing life changes, but managing them so you can eventually move past them. With these five steps, you’ll start to find peace with the situation and gain your confidence back, leading to a better and stronger you. 

Let’s go through the steps!

Acknowledge the Change

First and foremost, you must acknowledge the change that is occurring instead of trying to constantly avoid it. When we bottle up our emotions, especially when we experience major turns in our lives, it will only lead to more problems down the road.

You might also have to acknowledge that there will be stress involved. Find ways to manage this stress so it doesn’t cause a distraction in your life. Keep in mind that even positive life changes can spur stress in some individuals.

Keep On Keeping On

When most people experience a major change in their life, they will start to compromise some of their daily routine and positive habits. Since you’re already experiencing change from the life event, you don’t need to add more change to that. Try to keep your same schedule during and after the life change. 

When it comes to your eating habits and exercise routines, staying as healthy as possible will be top priority. Keep an eye on the food you’re putting in your system and try to release any stress with a nice workout. 

Find Your Support System

A solid support system can help you through anything. It doesn’t matter how small or big this support system is, as long as you have one that cares about you. Look to your friends, family, and even other people that might’ve experienced what you’re currently going through. 

Avoid Social Media, Journal Instead

Social media will cause more distress and pressure on your situation. We’re not saying you should delete all your accounts, but take a step away from them. Stop opening them every 10 minutes and stop posting. If you need to express yourself, call on your support system — that’s what they’re there for.

When you don’t have anyone and you need to let some things off your mind, journal! It’ll give you the satisfaction of feeling free, while avoiding social media. 

Be Proactive

Lastly, don’t just sit around and wait for the clouds to go away. You must actively be committed to getting yourself out of the situation and finding ways to do that. If you just got laid off, start applying elsewhere. If you’re getting divorced, find things that make you happy.

Life changes are bound to happen, but with tender love and care you can survive it. Better yet, you’ll walk out of it a better person!