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Are You Seeking Personal Growth and Development?

A lot of you are probably wondering why you aren’t seeing the level of personal growth and development you envision for yourself. The truth is, many people fail to put themselves in a position to grow and neglect taking advantage of opportunities to develop.

You can wish and hope for growth, but it will only come to those that take action on those wishes. Many of us get too complacent with where we are. We lack the ability to break out of our comfort zone and never truly learn who we are or what we are destined for. 

When it comes to positive psychology, there are three main areas where we tend to grow and develop as individuals the most — through helping others, through inspiration, and through adversity.

Love and Charity

It’s common to get so caught up in your own life that you start to drift away from those closest to you. As we become more centered on ourselves, we lose our sense of purpose and meaning in life. That’s why it’s important to always make a conscious effort to help out others when the opportunity arises. 

We are capable of amazing things when we work together, but many of us will never truly see that impact in their life. You must make yourself available to those around you and serve them as you would wish to be served. 

Through this, you will start to find deeper connections with others and gain a newfound purpose in life. If you want to experience personal growth, you can often find the answer in those around you.


I’m sure we’ve all experienced those moments that leave us speechless, in awe of what we are seeing or hearing. It could be something as simple as that new song by your favorite artist, the first time you witnessed a professional basketball game in person, when you met your celebrity crush, or even the birth of your first child. 

These moments will almost always change the way you view the world. They give us hope and leave us more open to all the possibilities life has to offer. We draw inspiration from different things, but it will always have the same positive effect on our well-being. 

If you’re struggling to find inspiration, take a look at yourself and analyze whether or not you’re doing the things you enjoy. Again, it’s important to put yourself in a position to be inspired. If I’m not a basketball fan and I go to a basketball game, I’m not going to take much away from that game. 


When it comes to growing and developing as an individual, there’s nothing more effective than facing adversity and being dealt a series of challenges or obstacles. There’s something about being tested in life that can bring out the best in a person. 

Unfortunately, most people tend to run and hide when adversity comes knocking on their doorstep. When you’re constantly avoiding adversity, you’re not allowing yourself a chance to test your own strengths and weaknesses. 

There are plenty of ways to to increase your personal growth, but it won’t happen without a little effort and patience. To those that are committed to it, growth awaits.