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Using the Coronavirus Lockdown to Defeat Bad Habits

Life moves fast and can easily get away from a lot of us in a jiffy. I hope everyone is using this time of uncertainty as a moment to reflect on your life and where you currently stand with your own expectations. While this coronavirus lockdown will keep a lot of us from our daily routines, it can be used as the perfect opportunity to correct some of the bad habits you’ve accrued over the years. 

You might not notice some of your bad habits when you’re distracted by work, errands, driving your children everywhere, and worrying about what’s in store for tomorrow. With a large majority of us spending a lot of our day inside with our families, you might be a little more aware of the bad habits you have. 

The good news is they can easily be fixed! Whether it’s a sanitary habit, eating habit, or behavioral habit, making yourself aware is the first step to doing away with it. 

Sanitary Habits

I’m putting this at the top of my list because it’s the most relevant habit to the root cause of the coronavirus lockdown. We need to understand that we all carry germs, bacteria, diseases, and viruses around with us everywhere we go. This has been going on for as long as life has existed. 

Even when the coronavirus starts to ease up, that doesn’t mean we should go back to the unsanitary habits that got us here in the first place. If we’re not spreading a potentially-lethal virus to one another, then we’re spreading germs and other bacteria that can get us sick. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s coronavirus, the common flu, or any other sickness, learning to wash your hands, carry hand sanitizer, and being mindful of touching your face can help prevent the spread from happening at all. 

Eating Habits

A healthy and strong immune system will help protect you even when sickness does arrive. This will start with a healthy eating habit and there has never been a better time to analyze your daily eating routine than right now. 

You’d be surprised at how inexpensive a healthy diet is to maintain and it will bring a wide variety of other benefits with it as well. A lot of us have grown accustomed to eating out and eating fast food, but it’s only hurting your chances of living a healthy life. 

Have some fun group cooking lessons with the family to help promote a healthier diet — and don’t forget to keep that diet going after the coronavirus lockdown.

Behavioral Habits

Lastly, you can use this lockdown as a great opportunity to fix some of the behavioral habits you’ve gained throughout your life. This can include starting your journey to quitting cigarettes, exercising more, or utilizing meditation to relieve the stress and anger in your life. 

It’s okay to have bad habits, we all have them. It’s not okay, however, to let those bad habits remain in your life without you doing anything about them. Take a second to reflect on some of your habits and figure out ways to fix them now, while you have the time. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to look at your positive and healthy habits — you can pat yourself on the back for those and keep them up!