Coaching with Dan Stillman

Positive Psychology is a scientific and professional movement that brings together the latest research in neuroscience, mindfulness, contemplative studies, and holistic medicine to educate people on having enhanced positive emotions, experiences of engagement, meaning, authentic positive relationships, accomplishment, and vitality.

Working together with an online life coach can provide you the tools and strategies required to help you manage your emotions that can prove to be detrimental to our well-being.

Your best years are ahead of you and taking control of the present can help solidify that future you’ve been searching for.

We are all Capable of So Much More, whether we are fighting to find our purpose or want to enhance the vision we’ve already built.

What You Can Expect

60 minutes with an experienced Mindset Life Coach. Our time together is very valuable to me and is intended to be transformative and supportive.

Are you ready to embrace "Positive Impact"? Make 2023 the year you get introduced to your higher self you never knew existed...

1 Session $125

2 Sessions $250

4 Sessions $500

If you do not believe this truly works,

see what some of my clients have to say on the matter

“I would highly recommend Dan as a life coach to those seeking a a life coach that will bring about breakthroughs. Speaking with him felt like speaking to my best friend, on steroids. Dan was able to assist me in finding the answers I was seeking. You will be well served by Dan.”

Charlotte Jones, RN, MS, BSN, CDP, CADDCT

“Every day was hard. Just getting out of bed seemed like a challenge. After working with Dan, I found joy again, as corny as it sounds. I feel like a new person.”

Steven A.

“I met Dan through his meet up group where he gave one of his talks and I was hooked. He is a great speaker and the information he presented was different than the kind of stuff I was used to hearing. I started his course and now I recommend him to every guy I meet that could use some extra help.”

Edward T.

“I started working with Dan on a referral from a friend. From the first day I met him, I felt like we were old friends. What started off as yoga sessions gradually turned into personal coaching and it has made all of the difference. I was coming out of a divorce and was not in a great place. Now, I can honestly say my life has changed.”

Todd A.

“I found Dan on social media and I was so inspired by his message that I decided to reach out to him for one-on-one coaching. It’s only been a few weeks, but the results have been noticeable. I feel calmer, more centered and I am noticing less of my normal anxiety… Thanks, Dan”

Ryan M.


I think it’s very important for you to understand some important information about Life Coaching. Please read the frequently asked questions below. Our 30 minute session will be me listening to your story to understand where you are currently and what you would like to achieve. We will discuss a game plan how to get you where you want to go! 



A therapist is a health professional committed to diagnosing negative behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and actions. Therapy focuses on past challenges and traumas that might’ve led to the individual feeling or acting this way. From there, the therapist will perform different exercises to help change those habits.

On the other hand, a life coach is a non-health professional that focuses on fixing the “here and now” to begin improving an individual’s future. Through identifying goals and creating action plans to receive results, a life coach can help an individual regain control of their life. Less time is spent on the past, with more concentration on introducing new habits to promote a healthier life.

If you answered yes to the below questions, you’re a very good candidate for life coaching.

  1. Are you ready move from wanting things into engaging in the process of creating them?
  2. Are you prepared to recover undiscovered and/or lost aspects of yourself that have hindered your ability to live a rich and full life?
  3. Are you ready to let go of destiny destroying patterns that no longer serve you and if you are fed up with quick fixes that you always fail to maintain?
  4. Are you willing to commit time, energy and resources to accomplish what is most important to you might be a good fit for the coaching relationship?

A coaching philosophy is a coaching tool to help guide coaches in their process of coaching. Having a philosophy gives a coach clear guidance on the objectives that should be pursued and how to achieve them.

Life coaches need to be approachable, personable, friendly and helpful. They should be enthusiastic, empathic, have a sense of humor, and patience. In addition, they should:

  1. Communicate with Clarity
  2. Be Intuitive
  3. Non-Leading
  4. Cultivate Curiosity
  5. Be Non-Judgmental
  6. Have Great Listening Skills
  7. Be Non-Opinionated