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Adding Yoga To Your Daily Routine Is Easier Than You Think

There’s no hiding the benefits yoga can have on your daily life. you might shy away from adding yoga to your daily routine due to the fear of having to join a class full of people who know what they’re doing, but this is no reason to not give it a shot. 

Yoga is a beautiful thing that can honestly be done anywhere. At home, in the gym, at work while on break, when you’re jogging in the park, and even when you’re on the beach during vacation. It’s a very effective form of mindfulness that can literally turn any moment into a stress-reliever. 

If you’re considering practicing yoga daily, my first advice is do it! Not only will you start to see the effects immediately, but you will finally start to learn how to move past those moments in our lives that always take too much out of us. 

While many people will find every excuse possible as to why they can’t add yoga to their daily routine, none of them will ever seem valid. Since yoga is something that only needs a minimum 30 minutes of dedication each day, it’s hard to believe that someone doesn’t have that to give — or at least can’t give up one of their bad habits and replace it with yoga. 

If this is you, we’ve gathered some very easy ways you can add yoga to your daily lifestyle without compromising your work, schedule, or other hobbies. 

Exercise Routine

For those that already workout 3-5 times per week, adding yoga is extremely easy. It can make for an effective warm up or a relaxing cool down to any workout and will even help improve your strength, balance, breathing, and flexibility.

You don’t even need to dedicate a full 30 minutes. Simply adding a few poses to your normal warm up or cool down can give your mind and body the recovery it needs. 

Early Bird

Adding yoga to your morning routine can be one of the most beneficial parts to your day. I can understand if you’re someone who has to get up extremely early as is, but if you have 20-30 minutes to spare in your morning, do some yoga! Even if you’re still in your pajamas and haven’t showered yet, it’ll make the rest of your day much more enjoyable. 

If you think about it, most of us spend at least 20 minutes on our phones checking our social media and fantasy football teams in the morning. I’m not saying quit those things, but maybe make some time for your own health so you can start your morning off right!

Break Time At Work?

I think we can all agree that work is stressful. Most of us will already be at our breaking point by the time we get let off on break — knowing that we still have half of a day to go! 

Find somewhere during your break to relax and do some yoga. This can be in the grass area outside, a park nearby, your home if it’s not far away, or even an office that isn’t being used — if your boss would allow it. 

As you can see, adding yoga to your daily routine doesn’t have to take over the rest of your wants and desires through the day. You can find a way to get the best of both worlds!