Thought Patterns

Why Do Men Fear Meditation?

It’s all over the internet, plastered on your social media, in the news, even your favorite athlete is talking about. Meditation is no secret in today’s society, yet so many men fear meditation and will go out of their way to avoid it with all of its benefits.

Men are stuck with a specific image of meditation that is not only unrealistic, but an inaccurate view of what meditation entails. When we see meditation in the movies or on television, it’s often depicted as people floating in a seated position humming a mum tone.

If it’s not that, then it’s often translated as something that requires yoga pants and lavender scents.

Men fear meditation because they have the wrong idea and will constantly use the same excuses to avoid it. They might think it’s impossible to do because their mind is constantly moving or that meditation will take them “off their game.”

In reality, meditation doesn’t involve stopping your mind and will actually bring you to the top of your game.

Clearing Your Mind

As men, we feel like we need to be constantly doing something with every moment of our day. We view time relaxing as time wasted, neglecting the power in self-reflection and a proper reset.

One of the main goals with meditation is centering your focus and concentration through breathing techniques. When in a meditative state, you are only concerned with your breathing and are freeing your mind of all the unnecessary thoughts that keep you in the past, future, and fantasy.

Men are right, it is impossible to stop their mind — it’s impossible to stop anyone’s mind. Doing so would be equivalent to asking your heart to stop beating. In meditation, you are training yourself to detect those moments when your mind starts to wander. When you recognize it, that’s when you focus back to your breathing.

It’s not about stopping your brain, it’s about training your brain to travel back to the present so you can enjoy those moments.

Clear Your Heart

With a clear and open mind, you can start to view yourself at your core. You will notice you’re now able to feel your feelings, rather than constantly concerning yourself with how you want to feel. By better identifying your feelings, you can start to make better decisions that promote a more quality and healthy life.

Meditation also has the power to free yourself of any judgements or opinions that could be holding you back — whether they are coming from yourself or others. You will trust yourself and learn that your intentions can lead you places you never imagined.

At the core, nothing is good or bad — it’s our judgements and opinions that distinguish what’s what.  Meditation can help you get to the core of any situation or feeling.

There’s really no rational reason that men fear meditation. We will say we’re are hard-wired to be a certain way and although it’s true that we differ from women in many ways, it will never take away from the importance of self-love, self-reflection, and living in the present moment.