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What Yoga Equipment and Clothing Do I Need?

When you’re first being introduced to yoga, there can be a lot to take in. Not just are there hundreds and thousands of different poses out there, but there’s a wide variety of equipment designed to make your life easier. Don’t worry, yoga equipment and clothing aren’t just designed for women.

Knowing the different types of yoga equipment and more importantly how they are used will give you a head start to your yogi desires. Either way, the great thing about yoga is how easy it is to get started and how minimal you need to see the benefit. For most beginners, all you’ll need is a simple yoga mat and yourself. 

As we breakdown the different types of yoga clothing and equipment plus accessories you might come across in your yoga journey, keep in mind that these items are in no way mandatory. You can even do without a mat, although that may not be the most comfortable and effective way of doing things. 

Yoga Mats

I’m going to cover this one first because it’s the most important piece of yoga equipment. Believe it or not, yoga mats come with a variety of different features. These features will solely depend on what you prefer out of your yoga mat, so a little shopping will be necessary before finding the right one. 

For beginners, I suggest going with a cheap one before committing to one that might cost you around $100. You can find some as cheap as $20 from stores like Target, but know that you get what you pay for. 

Some of the more expensive ones will give you more options, like size, thickness, material, traction, comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance. Preferences will change by the person, but you’ll find that these features make a world of difference. 

As you continue your journey, you’ll see the benefit of coughing up a little extra dough for a quality mat. 


It might seem a little weird, but clothing can actually make or break your yoga experience. Much like the equipment you’re using, the preferred clothing will change by the person, but there are a wide variety of clothing items that can enhance your yoga routines. 

First, I always suggest looking in your own closet. Many yogis like to go all out and look astonishing while they pose, but others like to just be straight comfortable. The good news is there are a lot of clothing brands out there that make items designed for yoga. 

We’ve all heard of yoga pants and there’s a reason you see the word “yoga” in its name. Many people enjoy these because they’re tight, stay out of your way, elastic, and allow you to move freely and openly. 

Some men are uncomfortable wearing yoga pants, which is where joggers come in. Joggers are great in that they give you more room than yoga pants, but still have elastic around the ankles to keep your clothing in place throughout your poses. 

As far as shirts go, you’ll want to keep the same rule by sticking with form-fitting clothes.

In addition to pants and tops, they make socks with grips on the bottom of the feet. These are great for preventing slipping and keeping your poses as long as possible. If you have long hair, then headbands and hair ties will be necessary. 

Optional Equipment

In addition to the normal yoga clothing and equipment, there are plenty of optional items you can consider buying to enhance your experience. Let’s break down some of those items and what they’re good for. 

  • Yoga Mat Bags – they make a variety of different pouches and slings for your yoga mat. This may not be necessary if you’re someone who practices from home, but it’ll make carrying your mat much easier. 
  • Yoga Blankets – these will help any yogi stay comfortable in the most heinous poses. Blankets are usually used to help prop up and elevate certain parts of your body, while remaining comfortable.
  • Yoga Blocks – these actually hold a similar job to blankets, in that they are designed to help with comfort, elevation, and alignment. Blocks are usually made out of wood, foam, or cork. 
  • Yoga Straps – these are going to look a lot like a belt, but the uses are plentiful. They will assist you in stretching, holding certain poses that may strike as difficult, and extending your arms. 

If you’re looking to give your yoga workout a little boost, then supplying yourself with the ever-changing yoga clothing and equipment can help you take it to the next level.