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Major Principles of Thriving Relationships

Humans are meant to connect with others, it doesn’t matter if you are a male or female. In fact, it’s a fundamental part of what makes us human in the first place. These connections will often lead to building relationships with those around us, whether it be a family member, friend, acquaintance, or someone of romantic interest to us. Knowing the principles of thriving relationships is the first step to keeping them.

In a busy world full of distractions, it’s common to see these connections dwindle before our eyes as we center our focus on outside possessions and thoughts. We tend to neglect the people around us, acting as if they will always be there. Unfortunately, they won’t be there forever and it’ll likely be too late to change anything by the time we learn that. 

Men don’t always struggle with making connections, but it’s keeping those connections where men seem to neglect. We all want to hold meaningful and long-lasting relationships with others, but many of us aren’t ready to put the time and effort in to make it work.

There’s no secret formula to making connections last, but there are most definitely some major principles that are known to make a difference. If you struggle to maintain these principles with those around you, especially the man or woman of your interest, then you could be setting yourself up for disappointment and loneliness.

Principles Of Thriving Relationships

Getting to Know Each Other

Getting to know each other goes far beyond the little stage we go through when we first meet someone. It’s much more than asking them their favorite color or what they like to do on their day off. It’s even more than knowing what ticks them off and what makes them cry. 

In order to get to know someone, you have to dive into their past experiences and life events to get a better idea of why they are who they are today. More importantly, you have to understand what they want for their future and how they want to get there. 

In order to sustain a long-lasting relationship, you have to be invested in their entire body of work — not just the cover. 

Admiration and Fondness

When maintaining a relationship with someone else, there are likely going to be positive qualities about them that appeal to you — or at least I would hope so! These positive qualities not only say a lot about the other person, but they say a lot about you. 

Being able to express your admiration and fondness to others can help make your connection with them much deeper. 

Influencing Each Other

In order to build a healthy and powerful relationship, you need to not only influence the other person to be better, but also allow yourself to be influenced. We can learn a lot from the people around us, yet many of us don’t take advantage of these benefits. 

I know it might be tough for most men, but it’s essential we learn to leave our egos at the door and allow others to make a positive impact on us. You will only continue to limit yourself without indulging in the power of connection.