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Is Life Moving Too Fast For You?

Is life moving too fast? As we move further into 2020, many of you are probably thinking to yourselves:

“Are we seriously already heading into March?”

To be honest, this is something we tell ourselves every month. In fact, we do it throughout the day as well. We have a laundry list of errands that need to get done, you’re sitting around at home, and all of a sudden you look at the clock and it’s 4PM in the afternoon.

If this happens often for you, you’re not alone. Many people will feel like their life is slipping away too quickly for them to enjoy it. While many people will feel stuck with no way of getting out, there will always be a way out. We will always have an opportunity to retake control of our life.

Here’s how you can start today!

Being Present

It’s common for us to look ahead to the future. Those that don’t will struggle to properly set goals and things to work towards. Unfortunately, most of us will get stuck in the future. We will get so caught up in what could happen, might happen, and should happen, that we will lose sight of what is happening.

It’s okay to want things. It’s okay to set goals and make wishes, but you need to know when to snap back to reality. Otherwise, you’ll never truly achieve those things and will get to a point where you’re asking yourself, “Where did the time go?”

Expressing Yourself

When we come across feelings we aren’t familiar with or don’t encounter often, we find it difficult to express them properly. This will often lead to someone hiding certain feelings or putting them off until they feel comfortable enough. Unfortunately, most people will only bottle these emotions to have them overstay their welcome.

Running from your feelings will certainly take the joy out of life. You’ll lose motivation and quickly find yourself running from everything else. You won’t be taking care of your daily errands, you’ll easily fall out of routine, and things that should only take an hour to do will take several days.

Expressing yourself will help you stay in the present. When you feel what you’re supposed to feel at any given moment, you rid yourself of having to feel them at an even worse moment.

Have You Tried Meditating

If you notice life moving too fast and you’re looking for a way to wind down, remain in the present, and learn how to properly express what you’re feeling, meditating can solve a lot of your issues. Meditation will help you achieve mindfulness, find meaning in your life, and make sense of anything that’s troubling you.

When we meditate regularly, we give our bodies an opportunity to recharge. It gives you time to think, reflect, reminisce, and wonder before you continue on with your day. It’s something that can and should be utilized in the morning, while on break at work, or before/after any stressful event in your life. If you need help learning the ropes to meditation or need help slowing your life down, I’ve got a program that can help and I can’t wait to share it with you!