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Are You Practicing Self-Care Enough?

Practicing self-care continues to be a hot topic among Americans, yet a majority of people fail to make it a priority in their day-to-day lives. Self-care is an essential part of everyone’s life and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t something we can compromise. 

When we neglect the self-care necessary to live a purposeful life, we will start to see some of life’s greatest blessings feel like a curse. We’ll constantly feel like life is out to get us and living a quality life will seem so far away. 

It’s not, though. Self-care and happiness are much closer than you’d think — and understanding what’s involved in practicing self-care is the first step to getting there.

Physical Care

Taking care of our physical health is something we can all improve on. If it weren’t for a healthy body, we wouldn’t be able to do what we want to do everyday. When we are properly fueling our bodies with what it needs, we’ll get to live out everything we want in life. 

Do you sleep enough at night? Do you eat and supplement right? Do you exercise enough? Are you setting regular doctor appointments?

Mental Care

Our body and mind work simultaneously with each other. When one is out of whack, so is the other. Much like we need to fuel our body with the right nutrients, supplements, and medications, we need to fuel our mind with the right information, thoughts, and mindset. Believe it or not, your diet will also play a role. 

Do you learn something new everyday? Do you partake in mentally-stimulating activities? Are you keeping your mind sharp?

Social Care

We are social beings that require social connection — whether we believe it or not. If we aren’t making an effort to socialize with others and meet new people, we’ll always feel like a piece of us is missing.

Do you make time for friends and family? Are you putting yourself out there in social settings? Are you properly nurturing the relationships you have?

Emotional Care

We’ll all encounter uncomfortable feelings and rough situations. If we don’t have ways of dealing with the constant emotions life throws at us everyday, we’ll always feel overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. We’ll have a short temper and will struggle to find happiness. 

How do you cope with strong emotions? Do you have a support system to lean on? Do you give yourself time to recharge? 

Spiritual Care

When we live with meaning and purpose, it makes waking up in the morning that much easier. Motivation will be at an all-time high, confidence will come in abundance, and quality of life will be peaking. Spirituality is the key to finding that deeper meaning to our life that keeps us going over the long-term. 

Do you meditate regularly? Have you ever tried yoga? Are you supplying your spirit with what it needs?

Practicing self-care comes in many forms, which is a major reason why many people neglect it in their own life. If you’re finding it more and more difficult to care for yourself, seeking professional help can give you the boost you need.