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My life didn’t always look like a dream, and I certainly didn’t have a textbook childhood. At a young age and throughout my young adult life, I struggled with digestive issues, surgeries, and pain that I couldn’t ever seem to get away from. The up and down cycles of not feeling well, taking various medicines, undergoing many diagnostic tests left me feeling hopeless and confused. After some deep aha moments, I switched gears and took control of my care by exploring a holistic approach. As a result, I began to heal the underlying root cause; not just the symptoms and dig myself out of depression and anxiety! I began asking the questions, “if this worked for me, how can it work for others”? How can I help other people get out of the pain and numbness of life and start living up to their full potential?

Today, I am a certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Transformational Mindset, and Integrative Medicine Health Coach. I have implemented my experience and knowledge into my advanced mindset coaching methodologies, Get Real & Deal online course, and 6 Month Integrative Nutrition Programs. I am passionate about teaching Positive Psychology principles, Bio-Individuality, Primary and Secondary foods that aren’t commonly taught or known by most people. 

I want the best for you, so you can step off the hamster wheel and transform into your higher self that you never knew existed to make the right career, relationship, home environment, financial, and health decisions every day!

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Start Unlocking Your Best Self By Living An Engaging and Healthy Life Through Integrative Nutrition.

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